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Keystone Partnership

We bring a unique approach to insurance.

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A Part of Something Greater

Our agency is also a Keystone partner agency. Keystone is a community of independent insurance agencies that are in business for the same reasons we are – to provide peace of mind in the neighborhoods and communities where we live and work.

How does this benefit you?

As a part of Keystone, we are backed by hundreds of other agencies like ours. This means Maddox Insurance can meet all of your needs, from the straightforward to the more complex.

Independence means freedom – freedom from being required or incentivized to sell you a certain product, but it also means responsibility. As your trusted independent agent, we take great pride in providing the best solutions based on your unique needs. And because of the partner community, no need is too challenging. We’re passing along the experience and expertise directly to you.

Being connected to Keystone provides our agency with unique access to insurance companies. Our relationships enable us to elevate matters beyond the local or regional levels to which most agencies are bound. This level of connection and service is something you won’t find anywhere else.